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Our manufactory is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in the research and production of Fiber Joint Optical Machine in Wellington. Due to decades of venture and the self-improvement of our staff, our company has developed well. Employing a large number of talents who are keen on innovation and enjoy a high level in outstanding scientific research and management in the industry, our company cultivates talents with strict disciplines and high efficiency in order to forge ahead together. In order to meet the needs of the development of our company and the market competition, we have built the first-class modern production and testing base, established a worldwide sales network, and provided considerable services for our respectable customers. We adhere to the pioneering ideas of "quality prospers our company", pursue the service tenet of "we satisfy our customers with our whole heart", and insist on the operation essential of "honest and good faith, and seek truths from facts".

We have our own R & D group, and depend on our advanced production equipments, we can develop the kinds of the Fiber Joint Optical Machine in Wellington for our custome's specail requirements, therefore welcome OEM, ODM, Trading company, Importers and Dealers to cooperate with XiMi Group.

We are engaged in manufacturing, trading and providing solutions with utmost quality range of Fiber Joint Optical Machine in Wellington,Keeping in mind the particular requirements of our customers, we are offering our broad assortment in various specifications.

If you need additional information, or have any special requests for equipment, please fill out the following form.

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